Jack Found

Jack was conceived in a musical petri dish where he was compelled to practice boring pieces. To be fair, (and more honest) he had a great musical upbringing at home, and was disciplined at Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester, where although the days were long, he came out of it feeling fathered by Bach, yet mothered by Björk. After all that training, all he really wants now to do is entertain and have fun doing it. With catchy melodies and lots of dancing, his live shows have been described as “like watching a fitness video on acid”. It is his aim not to be another one of those mopey bands that just frown and bob their heads whilst looking ‘vibey’; there’s plenty of them around already! With trombone, keytar, potty percussion and snazzy synths, he avoids at all cost being another ‘guitar band’. He is currently putting together a brand new show, where he sports shimmering whites from head to toe. From Bowie to Byrne, with a Jackson turn. Wind chimes, good times, bongo.

Central Station / Saturday 12th May / 05:00 PM

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