Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart / Jeff Buckley)

Welcoming legendary guitarist GARY LUCAS to the FOCUS Wales 2018 lineup, performing as a special guest alongside DAMO SUZUKI (CAN). ABOUT GARY LUCAS: ‘One of the best and most original guitarists in America’ ROLLING STONE // ‘One of the 100 Greatest Living Guitarists’ CLASSIC ROCK // ‘The Thinking Man’s Guitar Hero — A-List’ THE NEW YORKER // ‘Legendary left-field guitarist’ THE GUARDIAN // ‘The world’s most popular Avant-rock guitarist’ THE INDEPENDENT >>>>> Gary Lucas is one of the most innovative, idiosyncratic and daring guitarists that New York, America, the world has ever produced. Still a pivotal figure in the city’s leading avant-garde scene, his 30 solo LP output, plus countless collaborations and live performances, now hold the American composer, author and guitarist in worldwide praise as one of music’s’ true greats. Gary infamously worked with a plethora of legendary American artists - notably the late greats Jeff Buckley (with whom he wrote timeless classics such as Grace and Mojo Pin), Captain Beefheart (fulfilling his lifetime ambition of becoming a member of The Magic Band), Lou Reed and Nick Cave. New solo album ‘Pori Boy Long Way from Home’ out Spring 2018. *At FOCUS Wales 2018 Gary will be performing as a special guest alongside the legendary Damo Suzuki of the band CAN, alongside more exciting special guests to be announced. Access to this very special show is only possible with a festival wristband. Get your tickets while you can.

UnDegUn / Thursday 10th May / 10:20 PM

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