Eve Goodman

Eve Goodman's musical awakening was sparked by the startling honesty of singers like Joni Mitchell and Suzanne Vega, leading her to experiment with her own musical expression and release as a young woman. This planted her unique style firmly in the confessional singer-songwriter genre. Twenty-five year old Eve lives in North Wales. She grew up in Caernarfon, and moved to Cardiff to study English Literature, where she honed her creative writing and song-writing craft. After her degree Eve escaped the city to live in a cabin on a Cornish farm, where she wrote and recorded her first EP, before returning to the mountains, her home. Through her debut EP, Low Sun, and in her recent writing, Eve explores the dynamics of finding your voice as a woman, as a human being, in a world that is getting louder. Against the noise, Eve offers the harmony of a quietly strong, self-knowing voice, in her journey towards peace and understanding through music and the silent spaces in between. Through carefully crafted lyrics and tunes, she explores the landscape of untrodden snow that is her vulnerability to experiences as they unfold for her. She expresses with refreshing integrity an understanding of the vitality and beauty of life, even in its saddest and most difficult moments. Eve finds her words and meaning in nature; her favourite songs are written outside. She loves connecting through music in many forms, and performs wherever she can, from the vast airy spaces of Alexandra Palace and festival stages such as Green Man and No.6, to intimate living room gigs and sharing tunes around fires. Eve's own spellbinding arrangement of traditional folk song Dacw 'Nghariad has reached nearly 1 million views on YouTube, which has put her in touch with fans from across the globe. She loves collaborating too, and lends her voice to Welsh singer songwriter Aled Rheon, as part of his band The Gorgeous Charge. Eve’s music is a warm blend of strength and vulnerability, and her captivating stage presence invites us to come a little closer. During FOCUS Wales 2018 Eve will perform twice on the Friday of the festival (11th May), first off at 2:30pm at Ty Pawb, and then later that day at 7pm at the Fat Boar.

The Fat Boar / Friday 11th May / 07:00 PM

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