Ennio The Little Brother

Once upon a time in the north-west a remarkable lyricist and self-taught producer blended soulful dream pop with homemade hip-hop to create a unique and all-welcoming soundscape. Refusing to rest on his laurels he then completely overhauled his entire catalogue, implementing new mixing techniques and reimagining every song structure until the end product is quite unlike anything heard elsewhere. That this was achieved in his parent’s attic is all the more impressive with Ennio The Little Brother culturally mined his fervent imagination and hand-me-down records to craft multi-layered songs that invite us to view life through his DIY kaleidoscope. When Ennio independently re-released the revised versions of his songs, radio play duly followed with the track ‘Bunk Beds’ featuring on Tom Robinson’s Introducing playlist on BBC Radio 6 Music and ‘Talcum Powder’ selected for Fresh On The Net’s “Fresh Waves” playlist. The track ‘Sheboygan’ was picked up by Bethan Elfyn on BBC Radio Wales with Ennio also interviewed on her ‘Introducing Artists of the Week’ show. Most recently, Ennio received airplay on Cerys Matthew’s Sunday Morning BBC Radio 6 show. This past year has seen Ennio transfer his music to the live stage with a typically beguiling performance at an Oxjam event in Chester leading to independent record label Mai 68 making him their first signing. Stripping back the many layers of instrumentation to the core Ennio approaches each live performance with joyous ingenuity triggering samples via a drum machine and 15mm knitting needles. Other tracks are pared back to guitar and vocals delivering an entirely new vibe to their studio incarnations. His debut double A sided single Bunk Beds/Cacophony was released on September 9th 2017 by Mai 68.

Old No. 7 Bar / Friday 11th May / 08:10 PM

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