Dave Elwyn (Band)

Dave Elwyn is a Psychedelic Folk Rock singer/songwriter and musician from North Wales who writes, records and performs an eclectic mix of songs. With a second forthcoming album recorded, which will be released in early 2018, and a new band to bring the songs to a live audience, there are exiting times ahead. Over the summer of 2017 Dave has joined forces with the immensely talented Carwyn Ginsberg of Fennel Seeds who plays Guitar and adds his unique vocal harmonies to the group. Carwyns own songs will also be featured in the live set. Collaborations between the two have already started happening and plans for a super-duper album are in place. Providing a steady back beat on drums and vocal harmonies is Dav Williams, guitarist of psych rockers DOLLFINNS. On Bass comes Deian Pritchard - Jones, guitarist of Welsh Language band Synnwyr Cyffredin. And providing melodious electric piano and organ is Simon Brereton. This should prove to be an exciting live show. Gigs are expected to be announced before the end of 2017.

Central Station / Friday 11th May / 07:15 PM

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