Damo Suzuki (formerly of CAN)

We’re very proud to be presenting a special performance from legendary former CAN vocalist Damo Suzuki as part of FOCUS Wales 2018. In Damo’s words: ‘Damo Suzuki’s Network exists since 1997. Since 2003, exists this form of Network : I travel places to places creating time and space of the moment with ever changing local sound carriers (musicians). Before I was performing with sound carriers friends I know. On March 19th 2003, I landed at JFK airport early in the morning after long journey from San Francisco via Las Vegas, saw early morning news in TV. “US bombe Iraq”. Since few weeks there were many demonstrations around the world against bombing Iraq. I was sad and angry for this ignorance. Violence is everywhere. Since 911, world is getting fear from terrorist. But, is that so, all mainstream media information is correct? Aren’t they controlled by few US information services? What you can trust today? Wrong information is one of worst violence since human history. People believe in things that served from wrong side. On that day March 19th 2003, I had enough time to think about this solution waiting connecting plane bring me back to Europe. What can I do, against all these violence? The answer, I found in music that has the power, especially you’re not involved in this system and create time and space of the moment with ever changing local sound carriers, serves fresh, organic sound creation that makes free energy : share to people. So, I started this project. “Never Ending Tour”. I don’t force anybody to believe in my philosophy by Network’s music, it’s not important. ust I want to believe in people who are able to open their mind, talk their opinion which come from research and experience by themselves. Don’t believe in mainstream media, they kill your brain and mind control. Make your opinion from your soul and body!

UnDegUn / Thursday 10th May / 10:20 PM

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