"Cull! Fucking brilliant!!" Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales. Formed in 2016 in Wrexham Cull bring together a ferocious shimmering blend of shoe gaze, krautrock and psychedelia. With a debut album available for download on Bandcamp and a vibrant local following achieved through improvised and expressive live performances, Cull are moving forward. "Taken from the record ‘2A/T3 released 26th August ‘Dacre’ experiments with a whole host of mouth-watering sounds, haunting vocals, mesmerising hooks and furious concotion of raw energy and spirit is protrayed throughout, making for a journey that is constantly repeatable and enjoyable in equal measure." "When you delve into the rest of the album, whether it be the crashing riffs on ‘2A’ or the piercing basslines captured on ‘Crop & Ramble’ not forgetting the peaceful serenity of ‘John Duncan I’m Ready For Our Date’, its hard not to get excited about a band that has all the tools in their locker to make something very special. The rousing, monster-esque finale ‘9 Brudnell Avenue’ only cements their place as a band with a lot to shout about." | "Having witnessed first-hand their brilliant live show at this year’s Focus Wales Festival where they were one of the best bands of the event, they are now ready to spread their wings and glide to future success? MIMR can personally guarantee that!" Dave Griff, MIMR

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