Creature of Habit

Creature of Habit are a 3 piece alternative rock band from Chester. After forming late 2015, CoH spent a solid year crafting their sound. Drawing influence from a wide range of bands, they have created a unique blend of heavy, driven guitar tones and melodic hooks to successfully capture a wide range of audiences. After spending time refining their live set and gaining support slots with the likes of Press To Meco and Grumble bee, as well as playing several shows on the North Wales and North West Circuit, the band got to work on their Debut EP “Horizons”. Early 2017 saw the release of their debut single “Health Militant is Usually the Victor” along with a video release for the track “Pause, Repeat” and the release of their Debut EP Horizons. Creature of Habit followed up the release of Horizons with a headline tour around the UK and a support slot with Emp!re at Chester Live. They have since been working on the follow up to their Debut EP, which is set for release in late 2017.

Atomic / Thursday 10th May / 06:30 PM

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