Cecilie Anna (Norway)

Cecilie Anna is an artist and songwriter from Norway. Last year she visited FOCUS:Wales with her band, Familieforetaket. This year she’s back with her brand new solo album “I’m Here”, which has received glowing reviews in Norwegian national press: Øyvind Vågnes, Dag og Tid: "Cecilie Anna is a remarkably good composer, lyricist and vocalist... The album is more of a low key, quiet album, but clear and sharp in its execution...The small instrumental “Den grøne dagen” was written by Cecilie Anna at the age of ten, and “Baby Doll” at 17. An incredible talent from early age.” Petter Lønningen, BT.: “Her music is like a light, guiding us through the darkness and warming our hearts. “ Per Henrik Arnesen, Gaffa.no: “A rare gem…This album has 11 tracks, all of which are well written, with a sense of deeply reflective poetry…Musically this album is both melancholy, dark, fragile and beautiful.” Comparisons are made to musicians such as Neil Young, Mimi Parker from Low, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Susanne Sundfør. Cecilie Anna is always working on new songs, and a new album with her band is in the making. A follow-up to their debut album “Going North” from 2016. Cecilie Annas single “The Smallest Bird” is dedicated to the memory of Leonard Cohen.

The Fat Boar / Saturday 12th May / 06:00 PM

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