Canshaker Pi (The Netherlands)

“Canshaker Pi will blow the world away with their sound. They are loud, young and not too snotty. They play guitar rock. They don't sound like anything in the Portland Oregon high school system I can tell u that -- confident, frustrated tunes beyond their years. Get in the way of these lads and sparks will fly for sure.” Stephen Malkmus >>>>> Indeed, a Canshaker Pi show can be described as one big kamikaze run. The Amsterdam-based quartet's inflammable brand of indie rock is a gleeful but high-stakes affair. The first thing you notice about Canshaker Pi is how they relish in puerile dicking about, albeit never for the sake of just 'dicking about'. Beneath their fidgety, high-strung stage antics simmers a piercing intensity, one that perhaps comes with a creeping awareness that the days of being young, wild and free will eventually pass. Canshaker Pi frantically capitalize on their youthful zest with a relentless now-or-never stride. Starting off as a high school band right across from the legendary venue Paradiso in Amsterdam, Canshaker Pi claimed the throne to Holland’s most acclaimed live-band. In 2016 they released their untitled debut album, produced by Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus. Making their mark with their debut, the band played every major festival in The Netherlands (Le Guess Who, Eurosonic, Best Kept Secret and Lowlands) and toured Europe alongside Spiral Stairs (of Pavements Scott Kannberg). On January 1st BBC Radio1-host Huw Stephens tipped Canshaker Pi as one of the best new bands to look out for in 2018. PRESS: Stereogum: “Canshaker Pi make a supercharged, highly rhythmic brand of indie rock that blends pysch, punk, and noise. That may sound like calamity, but it’s well-tempered with tight playing and opportune shifts in energy and aesthetics.” // BBC Radio1: “We really like that one, sounds like it would be a riot on stage!” // DIY: “A blustering romp of fuzzy guitars, big joyously off-kilter guitars and needling riffs, it’s a barely-contained sprint of indie rock (in the purest sense of the term) that hardly pauses for breath.” // Clash Magazine: “Reference points could include Sebadoh, Guided By Voices or Pavement themselves, but what's most impressive is the sound of a young voice gathering confidence.”

Atomic / Saturday 12th May / 10:50 PM

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