Chow Mwng

*Disgwyl fersiwn Cymraeg: Chow Mwng is the brand new project from cult Welsh artist/musician Ash Cooke. Ash’s former musical exploits include his work with late 90’s Welsh band Derrero & his long standing experimental project Pulco. Ash’s work displays a resolutely DIY ethic! All releases are hand made with intentionally minimal means and the barest of tools. Building on the theme of music as autobiographical collage Chow Mwng is a fierce mixture of domestic noise, found sound and dysfunctional guitar playing. Plundering the jumbled world of mass media/TV/Internet/junk culture where nothing is seen clearly anymore, Chow Mwng sets out to cut and paste this continual barrage of industrial man made audio into ready-made sound art for the next generation!

UnDegUn / Nos Iau 10 Mai / 08:30 PM