Lucie Lee (Director, Lucie Lee Dance Company)

Lucie Lee is an artist whose practice combines contemporary dance techniques, improvisation and digital dance. Using modern digital technology, Lucie and her company of collaborators, create live art installations across the country. Lucie Lee was recently selected to be one of the twenty-one UK choreographers for the Choreographers Observership Scheme 2017/18 with One Dance UK. Lucie's work, and the work of the Lucie Lee Dance Company, provides an insight into how the technological advances of the 21st century is shaping art for the future. Visitors to their exhibits and audience members at their performances will find work with more dimensions than that of simply dance, and an engaging consideration into the mind of one of Yorkshire's innovative performers emerging today. The Lucie Lee Dance Company is an emerging professional Dance Theatre Company, which embraces the use of digital technologies within performance. The company produces experimental dance theatre and site-specific work. Lucie lectures at University Centre Doncaster, Associate lecturer at UCLAN in Preston, University of Lincoln and HPL at Manchester College. Lucie is now preparing for her PhD practice led studies with University of Salford.

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