Gruff Owen (Libertino Records)

After spending over two decades exploring music from diverse extremes; Fuzz Pop, Bedsit Indie, Country, Synth Pop, Psych Folk, Post Punk (yes bit of a musical magpie here!!!) and honing an individual, independent free musical spirit, I realised that my natural environment was not the stage but rather helping young artists, lifting them up to the limelight, enabling them to achieve their individual musical visions. The "Eureka" moment was hearing the artists (all in the space of a few gloriously head-spinning weeks) who now call Libertino their creative home. These artists NEEDED to be heard by the rest of the world and I NEEDED to work with them. It was one of those rare moments you have in life where the artists, their music and their aesthetic all coalesced into one perfect form for the listener. It's these rare moments that I wish to capture and bottle for everyone listening to a Libertino artist, every release is special, a rare diamond in the dark. The Libertino Record Label has grown over the past twelve months and now has a roster of over fifteen artists who create and perform in both languages. Through Libertino Management I also manage a large proportion of the acts and promote many live gigs across Wales. I strongly believe that art should be inclusive and not exclusive creating a community from grass roots level. Libertino's aim is to give artists a platform from which to fly and how to fly successfully.

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