Silvia Suarez (Speed Sound / MUSES Live, Spain)


Manager, booker & producer. Also (female) promoter based in Madrid.

Technically, I am a freelancer and journalist turned into the CEO of a management agency doing promo and booking for up and coming bands and young talents from Spain. Also 24/7 manager of Trajano!, Bum Motion Club, Colectivo Da Silva & Fatal Tiger (all of them are bands that you should listen to!)

Along with my colleague from Press Relations at Speed Sound, Beatriz, we have launched a project called MUSES LIVE – a live music platform celebrating female talent in music from Spain and Europe. So far, we have attended Monkey Brain -the PRO part of Monkey Week- hosting a panel on Conflict Resolution within Music Bands, and organised two live dates in Madrid with two female artist from the UK in 2018.

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