Oriol Roca (MMVV, Catalonia)


Executive Coordination at Doctor Music Festival. Current

Advisor to the artistic direction of the MMVV (current) since 2011.

Advisor to artistic direction and production for Altersinèrgies. Festival Aphonica and Coordenades (current) from 2016.

Booking at Festivals by Concert Studio. 2016. (Festival del Mil.lenni and Jardins de Pedralbes)

Partner at Fourni Produccions Sonores dedicated to the management sector,
produccions of events and tours, design and web management. Music groups as La Troba Kung Fu, Oques Grasses, Marc Parrot. (from 2005 to 2017)

Production from the Documentary Music Film Festival In Edit from 2004. And from the Documentary Fashion Film Festival FeedDog from 2015 (current)

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