Maxime Hébert (Co-Founder at Mothland, Canada)


Maxime Hébert is the co-founder and vice-president of Mothland, a label and booking/artist development agency based in Montreal, Canada. He is also co-founder, production co-ordinator and programmer at Distorsion Psych Fest which takes place in Montreal, Canada during the month of May.

Maxime Hébert has been amongst Montreal’s most active underground musicians since he moved to Montreal in 1999. He has played over 2000 concerts in more than 15 countries with international artists such as: Les Breastfeeders, The High Dials, Ponctuation, Uubbuurruu, Final Flash, Chinatown and Afrodizz; all the while appearing on many studio recordings, music videos and live sessions.

He also acted as artistic director, talent buyer, production coordinator and/or venue manager on festivals such as: Distorsion Psych Fest, M Pour Montréal, Le Festif de Baie-St-Paul, Santa Teresa and Taverne Tour.

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