Liz Hunt (Creative Republic of Cardiff / The Moon)


Liz is part of Creative Republic of Cardiff, the non-profit team who reopened music venue The Moon in April 2017. The 150-capacity venue hosts regular live music from international touring artists to local showcases, fundraisers, alldayers and small festivals.

Creative Republic also runs music workshops, networking events, shadowing, small festivals, a diy project on Cardiff Music Women, and has just started working on improving venue accessibility and mental health in music.

Liz also organises and books for festivals Wales Goes Pop, Cardiff Psych & Noise Fest and Free For All.

She runs the UK arm of Spanish independent label Elefant Records, handling the mail order and booking shows for their overseas bands.

As a musician, Liz is lead singer/keyboardist/songwriter/manager of 8-piece pop band The School, who have released 3 albums and 1 reissue on Elefant, touring across the UK & Europe several times and the USA.

With a very diy approach, she also helps book tours, drives the van, sells the merch, writes the songs, manages and sometimes plays records at people.

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