Gareth Bonello (Musician, The Gentle Good)


Known for his intricate guitar playing, haunting vocals and captivating acoustic arrangements, Gareth Bonello (aka The Gentle Good) is one of the foremost songwriters working in Wales today. Based in the city of Cardiff, Gareth writes in both English and Welsh and has released several critically acclaimed records. These include Ruins/Adfeilion which won the Welsh Music prize in 2017 and Y Bardd Anfarwol (The Immortal Bard) which won the Welsh Language Album of the Year award in 2014.

A captivating live performer, Gareth has enchanted audiences at major festivals both in the UK and further afield, most notably in China, India and the USA. International collaboration is a strong feature of Gareth’s work and he has written and performed with artists from all over the globe. Gareth is currently working on new material with artists from Northeast India as part of a PhD study into the cultural connections between the Welsh and Khasi people.

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