David Bower (Artistic Director at Signdance Collective)


Artistic Director at Signdance Collective. David grew up in Wrecsam and has been working in performance art for around thirty years. He has worked across the world and across several disciplines including acting, contemporary dance, Signdance Theatre, street theatre. He has worked on stage, television, screen and radio. David was born deaf and has a special interest communication and how deaf and hearing people can work together to create new art forms namely Sign Dance Theatre. Credits include Pierot in an opera called Pierot Lunaire with Formidability, Quasimodo in BBC Radio Four’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, David, Hugh Grants brother in Four Weddings and a Funeral, The poet in Signdance Collective’s Carthage, Fred in Pop-up Theatrics Broken City Wall Street in New York. He was a member of Clwyd Youth Theatre and continues to work at the Signdance Collective with his long time co-creator Isolt Avila.

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