AA55A (Afro Asian 55ound Act) (Korea)

World Music / K-Rock
Afro Asian 55ound Act(AA55A) is a band which combines two deep roots of world music: African beats with Asian melodic structure. They call it ‘Afro-Asian Electro Funk’. AA55A’s Afro-Asian Electro Funk does not hesitate to focus not only on the traditional folk music of both continents but also on the modern African-influenced pop music such as blues, funk, soul and hip-hop. From West-African Mande Music to Korean Taryeong(Korean folk songs), from traditional to modern, from experimental to pop, AA55A seeks to cover every corner of world music to propose a new horizon of harmony and love in music.
May 16, 2019 7:50 pm Thursday @ Undegun
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